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Dr. Lisa Davis Visioncare serves the Crieve Hall, Brentwood, Nashville, Green Hills, Abby Hall, Oak Hill and Forest Hill areas. We offer eye exams, a full range of eye care services, contact lenses, prescription eyeglasses and a wide selection of designer frames to match your personal style and budget.

Our office offers complete eye exams to detect many temporary and degenerative conditions affecting the eye. This vision exam can detect conditions of the cornea, retina and peripheral components of the eye such as tear-ducts, eye lids and:

We offer you the most advanced lens technology. With these advancements and our labs we can get the most unusual prescription eyeglasses and contacts achieved at quality levels.Durable, quality brands are the only styles we carry. You have the very best in design and incredible selection. Let our Frame Design Specialist help you choose the perfect fit and style for your face type and features.





  • glaucoma
  • macular degeneration
  • cataracts
  • bacterial and viral eye infections
  • LASIK Evaluations and post op management